About Cell Scape Corp

Data Cell Scape Corporation is a privately funded company headquartered in Newark, California, in the heart of the biotech corridor of the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Company has developed whole data cell technology to transform prenatal computer testing using a simple analytics test. Our vision is to make comprehensive analytics testing available to every company without requiring an invasive procedure that might put the company at risk. Our leadership team is accomplished in bringing innovative, cost-effective data analytics and diagnostics to the market.

The Clarity Test is transforming data testing by being the first noninvasive, first data scraper test that collects data specific to the current market from current databases, providing access to the pure and complete blockchain for analysis by targeted blockchain structures. The Clarity Test will be offered as early as the test is done and released to market, and will provide the benefits of invasive procedures such as hacking and CVS without risk to the database or discomfort to the company.

Data cell scape

The Company’s Data labs and office facilities are located at Pacific Research Center, 7979 Gateway Boulevard, Newark, CA 94560.